Sherborne Keswick

The beautifully contoured shape is designed for exceptional comfort with soft, stylish arms, welcoming fiber-filled back cushions, and full-width ‘chaise’ seating.


Width Depth Height
3 Seater Standard Fixed/Reclining Sofa 205cm 100cm 104cm
3 Seater Small Fixed/Reclining Sofa 198cm 97cm 102cm
2 Seater Standard Fixed/Reclining Sofa 149cm 100cm 104cm
2 Seater Small Fixed/Reclining Sofa 144cm 97cm 102cm
2 Seater Petite Fixed/Reclining Sofa 141cm 96cm 98cm
Standard Fixed/Recliner 85cm 100cm 104cm
Small Fixed/Recliner 83cm 97cm 102cm
Petite Fixed/Recliner 82cm 92cm 100cm