Himolla Themes

Sink into the Themse with a sigh of relief. This is one big welcoming two, two and a half or three-seater sofa. With wide deep seats and acres of space – enough to ensure everybody can chill out. A matching lift and rise recliner helps people with limited ability to improve their quality of life without having to compromise on design furniture. Rechargeable battery packs mean there are no trailing electric leads.

Available with Solid wood trim or fully covered in high-quality leather or fabric



Width Depth Height
3 Seater  Fixed/Reclining Sofa 202cm 91cm 107cm
2 .5 Seater  Fixed/Reclining Sofa 165cm 91cm 107cm
 2 Seater Fixed/Reclining Sofa 145cm 91cm 107cm
Armchair Large Fixed/Recliner 81cm 91cm 107cm
Armchair Small Fixed/Recliner 77cm 91cm 107cm
Armchair Lift and Rise 77cm 91cm 107cm

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