• A stylish and contemporary suite, available in a fabulous selection of high-quality fabrics. The Harrington can come as a modular corner group, allowing you to tailor the size of the furniture to your exact requirements. As such, very large corner configurations are achievable. One highly distinctive feature of the Harrington range is the pair of soft and tall bolster cushions, resting upon each arm, providing exceptional comfort and the perfect backrest in the corner of the sofa or chair for when
    lying down with your feet up


  • Four Seater      W: 251cm D:102cm H:91cm
  • Three Seater    W: 221cm D:102cm H:91cm
  • Two Seater       W: 180cm D:102cm H:91cm
  • Snuggler          W: 147cm D:102cm H:91cm
  • Chair                W: 112cm D:102cm H:91cm
  • Corner Options available in any sizes to suit your requirements