Himolla Azure Recliner Swivel Chair

A recliner that makes you feel good: with its flexible headrest, the AZURE recliner does not just offer excellent relaxation; it also promotes back health. The spinal column is perfectly supported in all sitting positions to allow for long periods of sitting without any strain being placed on your back. The ergonomic chair comes in various versions – from manual to electric, and even with lift and rise function.

Available in four sizes and five different feet options with a large choice of leathers and fabrics to suit any setting


  • Small W: 74 x D: 84 x H: 111cm (SH 44cm)
  • Medium W: 74 x D: 86 x H: 113cm (SH 46cm)
  • Large W: 74 x D: 88 x H: 117cm (SH 50cm)
  • Extra Large W: 74 x D: 92 x H: 123cm (SH 52cm)


Himolla Azure Sofa also available