Alstons Nevada

The Nevada range features clean lines and a sleek silhouette,its minimalist design allows it to seamlessly integrate into any interior style, from modern ans Scandinavian to transitional and eclectic.

Available in a wide range of fabrics and a choice of feet colours.


  • Grand Sofa     W:238cm D:99cm H:94cm
  • Three Seater  W:202cm D:99cm H:94cm
  • Two Seater     W:186cm D:99cm H:94cm
  • Snuggler         W:143cm D:99cm H:94cm
  • Armchair        W:105cm D:99cm H:94cm
  • Accent chair   W:72cm D:85cm H:85cm
  • Ottoman          W:100cm D:57cm H:40cm
  • Storage Stool  W:64cm D:58cm H:41cm
  • Footstool         W:64cm D:58cm H:38cm



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